Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good Questions!!

I found this pool builder while surfing the web and found the information on this site helpful GREAT QUESTIONS  Unsure about this company we selected California Pools and were very happy.  The link really has some good questions that I did not think of.

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  1. Thank you so much. We live and work in Oregon but love it in AZ. We would love to live in AZ full time however that’s not an option. I wanted to educate the general public about the process. I was a purchasing manager for many years and every purchase that we make is solicited, evaluated, and selected based on the overall bid. Did we have a few issues with CA Pools yes of course? In any contracting relationship expect it. Nothing is perfect and if your expectation is perfect you are sadly going to be disappointed. Major organizations deal with subcontractors and they cannot babysit these subcontractor 24/7 so expect issues. If the umbrella of the entire organization is willing to compensate for the contractors that they support that is enough for me to sign on board just make it right. Can CA Pools improve yes I was a little irritated when we recently visited and they did not respond to a meeting to fix a couple of things. Of course I could of escalated it to another level but I was on vacation and did not want to start a big deal. I would still recommend them and would be willing to participate in the internal process.