Friday, December 16, 2011

Hard Dig!!!!

We selected California Pools for our pool project.  David was Johnny on the spot with every question or change that we had.  His design was great and he educated us during the bid process. We are still under construction so I will start from the beginning.  After sending all of my attachments including a sketch that my husband did on 06/27/11 he had a conceptual back the same day. During the process we upgraded and changed things such as making the waterfall higher, adding a Baja pool entry, and enlarging the putting green for starters.  David upgraded the conceptual immediately with every change. We continued back and forth making changes until we closed on the house which was 07/22/11.  We continued changing and upgrading the design with all of the companies that participated.  Finally at the end of September we decided to go with California Pools.  Then we needed to figure out how to pay for it.  Refinancing on a home is Arizona we were required to wait 6 months before we could pull out equity.  We decided to just pay cash for the project and refinance after the 6 months.  We signed all of the contracts and excavation started 10/10/11 with the first payment of $24,705.30.  We were then called the next day letting us know that they had encountered a hard dig which would require additional money to dig the hole.  Just as you might of imagined we were not happy with the start.  David understood our frustration and sent pictures of the hole.  California Pools did bid out the hard dig for the best bid.  It was $2,523 and we were warned that it could run from $1,500 to $3,000.  We paid the check for the hard dig day one and not too happy.  David was assuring us that this was unusual and at the end we would be completely satisfied.  We apprehensively calmed down and moved forward with the project. 

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