Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dolphin Pools

On 6/20/11 I sent Adam the bid solicitation.  Then I received an email back from Chris on 6/28/11 saying that Adam had pursued another opportunity and he would be handing the project.  On 7/3/11 I sent an email to Chris following up. 7/3/11 Chris emailed me back and said that he was sorry that he had a medical situation and was in the office.  He said that he is working on two other projects and that we were after that. On 7/16/11 Chris emailed me the 2D drawing and bid and said that he had sent the conceptual drawings earlier.  I could not find any drawings in my email. Chris continued to send me emails following up. On 9/6/11 Chris sent conceptual drawings. 9/23/11 Chris sent an email wanting to talk about the project. 12/1/11 Chris sent an email saying that he had seen the construction going on and was confused. Please see my response to Chris:

Hi Chris,

We changed the parameters during the process. Both my husband and I have an extensive purchasing background and we bid out the pool to 10 pool providers in AZ.  The company we selected was based on the following criteria.

1) Responsiveness
2) Depth of detail
3) Design
4) Price
5) Feedback and research on the internet

We planned on spending $100K that was our budget to do the yard.  We were not in AZ until just recently moving my father so communication was key.  The company we selected was XXXXXXX and so far we have not been disappointed in the project. 

I really appreciate your effort and your time in providing a bid and design.  You were the runner up on our project out of the 10 providers. I will be doing a website and discussing purchasing a home in AZ and my pool project.

Thank you,

We did not go with Dolphin Pools because again I lost interest between the time delays.  I had already accomplished so much with the other companies before I received the conceptual drawings from Chris.  He seemed very nice however if the service was the same as the construction it would take months to get the backyard done. 


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