Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Presidential Pools

We received a reference from our realtor Rachele Funk who understands how picky that we are and again high maintenance.  Rachele said that Mike installed her pool when he was with Paddock Pools and she said he’s the best but now working with Presidential Pools.  I emailed Mike the same day which was 6/15/11.  Mike emailed me back immediately and said that he would have Sean the pool/landscape designer contact me directly.  While waiting for Sean I emailed Mike back and forth with several questions that I had and he always responded immediately.  My husband and I found a great design that we liked and apparently Mike had installed that pool in Las Vegas.  We are still waiting for Sean to contact us but nothing.  On 6/22/11 I emailed Mike and ask him for a status.  I received an email on 6/22/11 from Sean and I guess he had the wrong email.  I’m unsure why he did not go to Mike and figure out the discrepancy because I had been going back and forth with Mike.  I received email on 6/22/11 from Sean letting me know that they will review my notes and get back to me.  On 6/28/11 Sean sent me an email letting me know that he would have the pricing and conceptual drawing this week. On 06/29/11 I received an email from Stephen who said that he is Sean’s partner however I’m a little confused because his logo and company name is not Presidential Pools it’s Flo Concepts.  He advised me that they will be getting back to me in the next few days.  I emailed Mike on 7/6/11 to give me a status because I had not heard anything back from Sean or the new guy Stephen.  Mike again emailed me immediately letting me know that he was going to get the VP of sales involved right away. On 7/7/11 I received an email from Stephen with the Flow Concept logo letting me know that he was assembling costing.  Finally on 7/8/11 I received from Sean the costing, conceptual HAND DRAWING.  Sean continued to follow up after sending the bid and conceptual drawing but by this time I had decided that they were not the right pool company for us.
My thoughts, experience, and finally concerns:

  1. Mike is awesome and from his communication skills, customer service, and responsiveness he was great.
  2. The responsiveness of the rest of the company was lack of.
  3. The team was not communicating internally.
  4. The other construction company getting involved told me that they have some internal things to work out. One company needs to be in control of all subcontractors. 
  5. The hand drawing was concerning. 
Would I recommend this company no, not with someone who lives out of state and requires communication.  I know nothing about the craftsmanship of this company.  They may be a great small company however I’m not in Arizona I need communication on a regular basis.  I will again say that Mike was great and I’m sorry that I could not trust spending $100K dollars with the experience that I had.  I will say they were better than my experience with a large company such as Shasta which is still baffling.  If I had to select between Presidential or Shasta it would be Presidential because, of Mike. Again let me reiterate that this may be one of the best companies however when you are on your honeymoon everything is absolutely perfect it’s not disoriented.  Once you are married the crap can start. So was I about to enter into a long term contractual agreement involving $100K with this company no.  

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