Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Illegal Immigrants

I have an employee who her husband is an illegal immigrant.  I sat down with her because they paid a lot of money to this guy that said he worked for immigrations.  He took the money and now they have a letter from immigrations and his license that he has been using is ready to expire.  Needless to say this is a sensitive issue with the news and everything that is going on with the boarder situation.  I had a strong opinion that people should go through the process but have softened after hearing her story. I guess at 16 his father said cross the border if you want to make some money.  He ran across and made it through without getting caught.  He came over found a job and has been working for many years in the US.  He married and has two children that are young.  He does not have a record and has had no problems with the authorities.  They’ve paid and been scammed and it appears that this is not uncommon because people are desperate. I had several thoughts after talking with her and trying to help.  How did they get married? I’m required by law to have everyone of my employees complete an I9 and verify identification.  The state of California married these two individuals?  Are they really married? If they are married does that make him legal?  The state of California recognizes him as a legal citizen.  He has two children that are US citizens.  They don’t make a lot of money so how do they go through this process?  The attorney says that he needs to go back to Mexico and file the proper paperwork.  If he goes back how does he get back where does he stay and what happens to his family here? He is afraid to go back because the process can take 3-10 years.  He needs to support his family what does he do?  He was an adolescent upon entering the states and now that he’s in his late 20’s early 30’s he only knows this life.  He has family but they are being invaded by the cartel.  I did not understand some of these details when I formed an opinion about illegal immigrants.  I would love to get your feedback regarding her situation and any advice would be appreciated.  Now that we have a home in AZ I know that this is a hot topic in my new home.   

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