Sunday, January 1, 2012

HGTV Million Dollar Spaces

Tired of the cooking channel after surfing the TV we agreed on the HGTV million dollar pools.  OMG these backyards look like giant hotels and Disneyland.  We just talked to Dad and he is oiling the teak outdoor furniture that we sent down because we were not using. The backyard is finished and it’s 77 outside in Estrella Mountain.  We had purchased a weather system for Dad for his birthday and he installed it and advises us of the weather daily. We are here in Oregon and it’s 35 outside and we are incredible jealous. Dad however has a new beginning on life and seems so happy out of the rain in Oregon.  He was asking about what kind of Mexican beer that he should purchase for visitors. The dogs love it and spend most of time in the backyard with Dad. We’ve been cleaning his home in Oregon out and plan to have an estate sale soon and put the house up for sale.  Dad however has forgotten about his home here in Oregon and is focused on his new life.  I can’t believe the stuff that we’ve cleaned out.  We have trashed about a million used bows and at least recycled a million empty boxes.  I guess they did not have Costco back then. The upstairs is completely empty and walking through the home that was originally purchased by the grandparents from the builder is a little sad to give up. The home which was built in 1941 has a lot of character and the grandparents purchased it in we think 1945 however the location has changed over the years.  Being in SE Portland with prostitutes walking down the main streets and lot’s of Police sirens not to mention now in the flight path of the Portland airport it’s not my ideal living location. I can only imagine how sweet it was in 1945 with the grandparents involved with the church and being a big part of the orchid society with hundreds of photos.  The green house is another project for us to dismantle.  It has electrical and glass coming apart everywhere we need to wait until summer when the rain stops.  After spending over 40+ hours in the house getting rid of stuff it’s a bit sad.  We found business cards from when grandfather was the VP of US Bank.  It’s strange that someone with such a huge responsibility is now gone. I think we all live everyday thinking it is forever. Now the other project is preserving the slides.  We plan to go through all of them and have DVD’s made for the family which I wish was closer.  Somehow I like to think living in the 1940’s was more about family instead of stuff.  After growing up in Arkansas and having a single parent with very little income stuff is a little overwhelming.  I’ve always worked incredibly hard and Oregon is a little different.  I feel and see self entitlement issues with the younger people.  No work ethic or self respect and now with social media it’s all about requiring a support system.  Anyway let’s not talk about occupying downtown Portland. My husband and I have worked very hard to have a nice life.  We are so happy to have had the opportunity to move Dad to such a nicer environment.  All of the vitamin D with the wonderful sunshine helps with the mental wellbeing in everyone.  After our visits this year I must say when the sun is shining in your face it’s time to get up and get going.  Here in Oregon with the rain, dark sky, and low temperature you want to snuggle up and stay in bed.  I don’t want to make Oregon look bad because when it’s nice it is paradise and you do not want to be anywhere else on earth which is about 6 weeks out of the year but not this year.  One thing that sold me on Estrella was when we visited at night I would wake up because it was so silent.  Not a sound, I could not hear anything, it was the quietest place on earth.  We are in a daily busy routine and the silence was what I was missing. The daily weather was something that I have never had before either.  You can make plans and you never really need to consider the weather being an issue.  We look forward to our visit.

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