Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Estrella Mountain Pool Companies

I started looking at pool companies and reading tons of information on line in early June.  On June 14th I found this interesting blog: How to Build My Own Pool 

I then bid out the project to the following companies:

    Why did I bid out the project?  I bid out the project because I was a purchasing manager for many years and spending $100K was a big expense.  Both my husband and I are demanding and detailed oriented and I wanted to deal with a company that could satisfy our requirements.  To bid out the project I called all of the pool companies that I could find and explained that I live in Oregon and we purchased a home in Estrella Goodyear and needed a backyard.  Then I got email addresses and sent the following items:

1)       Property address
2)       Photo’s and measurements of the backyard.
3)       A drawing that my husband made of our dream backyard.

No details about materials I knew that would change the pricing once we traveled down that road in the process.  I wanted to see conceptual drawings first then look at materials.

I would like to talk about each of these companies individually and my experience.  First off I can eliminate two off the bat.  The first one was Shasta Pools Shasta Pools believe it or not.  I actually was disappointed because they were so large and I just figured good. When I sent out the project to the project manager Mike for bid I never heard a response back from Shasta Pools.  After a couple of weeks and going back and forth with the other companies I decided to give the project manager Mike a call and follow up with him.  I asked him if he received my email and why they had not gotten back to me. He informed me that I did not know how it works in regards to a pool project.  He said that I needed to come into the office and go over the project. I explained that we had to do this via email because I lived in Oregon and I could provide him with everything that he needed. To make a long story short it’s a good old boys club and women obviously know nothing.  I thought about our phone conversation and was so irritated by the time I got home that night that I called and left a message for the sales manager and I think it was Steve.  Needless to say I never received a call or email back from either of them. I did not think this was a good start to a long relationship so I immediately deleted them from my bid process.  Later I looked them up through the BBB and heres the link BBB Complaints Rip Off Reports on the Internet and It's clear that I'm not the only one with an issue. From this experience I would not do business with them in the future. The second one was Pioneer Pools because Susie said that Goodyear is out of the service area.  I guess they have an office in Tucson and Estrella is too far. 

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