Sunday, January 22, 2012

California Greens and Southwest Greens

The week was wonderful.  We finally had the opportunity to see the finished yard.  We also installed a putting green which was done by Southwest Greens.  This was my husband’s deal to finish off the backyard.  It actually looks incredible with the pool. They were here on Thursday and it took five guys the entire day to install it.  They were very accommodating.  Dad had them move a spot light and plant a cactus. After everything was said and done it was almost $9K with all of the changes.  The sales guy stayed most of the day and Omar was the supervisor and very nice.  The guys worked constantly with a couple of breaks and they were really working hard. The green rolls extremely slow but it’s a process they come back in a couple of weeks to roll it again.  It’s not perfect but we are hopeful. Playing Estrella the greens are really fast.  We are still working out a few details with California Pools.  We have a link with the waterfall feature and they sent someone out today to do a repair.  They have been accommodating with the details making sure to send people out to take care of things.  The pool guy was here on Wednesday we are paying a monthly fee to have someone come in and keep up the pool.  I will keep you informed about this guy still unsure it’s too soon to form an opinion. I’ve been unable to play golf this week with a neck issue but I did ride and took pictures of the course.  The excitement of today was the bobcat that ventured into a sand trap.  Wow it’s in the middle of the day and they are walking around on the course.  The course is beautiful and it’s so quite in this area.  My husband played with a very nice couple who recently moved from Michigan today. The first nine my husband was a happy man then he had a meltdown the last nine. I however threatened to walk home if he did not act right. The only smart response was your not taking the beer.  Anyway, I’ve posted tons of photo’s that I hope will display the backyard and more to come. 

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